аўторак, лістапада 28, 2006


Okay so today in class we had a "SPEEDVLOG" assignment, which required us to shoot, edit, and post an entry to each of our blogs. I worked in a group with Sean and Violet, and we completed our task(s) COMPLETELY WITHIN THE TIME PARAMETER 100%. One person would decide upon an event or thing to capture, and then the next person in line (we had a line) would pick up from there and it all played out like some sort of video word association thing. Includes foul language and dead fowl.

аўторак, лістапада 14, 2006

Banana Bill Rototest/rooter

Here are the humble beginnings of a full-length entry I will eventually post. My first foray into rotoscoping. . . .

аўторак, лістапада 07, 2006


The Free Library. 47 + items.