чацвер, снежня 07, 2006


Sigh. Well, Tuesday's post marked the last of those required by my F/V Alternative Forms: Video Blogging course, and thus the last video to be posted here. It was a good class full of good people, and you should go look at all their vlogs if you haven't done so already. I don't think I'm out of my cell phone video experimentation phase yet, nor am I completely ready to swear off video blogging. Mmmff, on the other hand, seems to have come to an appropriate ending point. If I should indeed start up another blog, I'll post something about that here; so don't ditch that RSS subscription just yet.

Thanks for watching!

аўторак, снежня 05, 2006

Churchs Phones

Part II. Keep those headphones on, it's silent!

Post-viewing supplementary material:
The "bell tower" cell phone antenna disguise featured in this piece is located in Des Moines, IA, on the property of Knox United Presbyterian Church. It is under the authority of U.S. Cellular, and looks like it was built by STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc. From what I gather, it was constructed during the beginning of the camouflaged tower trend.

Research Assistant: Chelsea Cox

Osprey nest (real):
Since the 1990s:
Amusement Parks:
Mind Control:
Osprey nest (simulated):

Other links:
STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc.'s website with Flash intro:
STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc.'s product catalog:

аўторак, лістапада 28, 2006


Okay so today in class we had a "SPEEDVLOG" assignment, which required us to shoot, edit, and post an entry to each of our blogs. I worked in a group with Sean and Violet, and we completed our task(s) COMPLETELY WITHIN THE TIME PARAMETER 100%. One person would decide upon an event or thing to capture, and then the next person in line (we had a line) would pick up from there and it all played out like some sort of video word association thing. Includes foul language and dead fowl.

аўторак, лістапада 14, 2006

Banana Bill Rototest/rooter

Here are the humble beginnings of a full-length entry I will eventually post. My first foray into rotoscoping. . . .

аўторак, лістапада 07, 2006


The Free Library. 47 + items.

аўторак, кастрычніка 31, 2006

Birds Phones

A seasonal piece.

Sources uncited:
140,000 ; 5,000 ; 700 million :
5-50 million :
Find cell phone relay towers in your or someone else's area:
Small brown rhinestone decorates center of every flower:
Birds imitate ringtones:
Oregon State University scientists:

A few years ago this piqued my interest in the subject at hand.

аўторак, кастрычніка 24, 2006

Mmmff Activities Workshop 2006

Thanks to your intellectual charity, the Mmmff Activities Workshop has been a success in its inaugural year. See here the result of community in action: twenty-three documented Activities that you and yours can complete in five seconds, sometimes fewer.

I tried to use ideas from as many contributors as I could. I may have overlooked some here, ran out of time there, but all donated ideas have been fully appreciated. If this post leaves you thirsty for more Activities, please do look back through the comments for the call for entries.
Featured in this year's Activities Workshop video (in order of appearance):

Extra big thanks to 1970s legendary garage punkers MC5 for letting me record their song "Kick Out The Jams" off of my roommate's stereo with my cell phone for the video's soundtrack.

аўторак, кастрычніка 17, 2006

Mario 3 Modules

These here are two modules I made with help from my roommate's Nintendo. Thanks to webgenius Matt, you can get both of them playing at once simply by clicking the above image. One'll pop up on top of the other, but y'know, move 'em and stuff. If for some reason you have problems with this, you can click on the two links below, and try to synch them yourself.

[click here for module one] [click here for module two]

These were designed with the pictured arrangement in mind, but feel free to mess around with them: Reverse their left-right orientation! Make them diagonal to each other! Place them on opposite sides of the screen! Put them anywhere you want! Holy shit! YOU call the shots! Choose-Your-Own-Aesthetic! Sort of! But yeah, I'm still amassing ideas for the Activities Workshop 2006; hopefully that'll be ready for next week.

аўторак, кастрычніка 10, 2006

Mmmff Activities Workshop 2006: Call for entries

With our free time suffering from the constraints of Modernity, how will we find time for Activities? You can make a difference.

Cell Phone's First Steps

Retroactive cell phone video teaser; a few of the first clips I took while my newly acquired cell phone was still hot in my hand. In maybe chronological order.

аўторак, кастрычніка 03, 2006

Hanging Around

or, "From the Land of Sky Blue Waters pt. 2." My first video project using my cell phone, done for guided vlog post assignment #3, exploration of a space. Better without the sound.

аўторак, верасня 26, 2006

All About Me

A self portrait. NYU photomajor, sometime Texan, fluent Wolof-speaker, and good friend Blaine Davis acts as myself and documents it at the same time. Who's who? Doff-la.

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чацвер, верасня 07, 2006


fffHey folks. Internetting is fun, and so are celll phones. In this blog, soon to be a video blog, I plan to use both